Christopher Jones and Lydia Keen are a production team based in Michigan. They specialize in Filmmaking, Music Videos, TV Commercials, Photography, and Web Design. Their main passion is acting, and through their films they provide themselves, and their community an opportunity on the big screen. They say, "You always find a way to do what you love." 

They just released a film that they both produced and starred in called "Protect and Serve." Their next project "Follow the Art" is in Pre-Production and will begin filming in June of 2022. 


For more information on their services please click here or contact us at newheropictures@yahoo.com


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Christopher Jones, was born and raised in El Paso, TX. From childhood on, Chris has been fascinated with movies and dreamed of becoming an actor and filmmaker.

Starting with the family camcorder and editing through his VCR, he put his first films together through trial and error. 

By studying his favorite movies, scenes, and actors he has sought to learn all aspects of film, doing whatever it takes to make his dream a reality. 

In 2007, he completed his first feature film, Where One Stands. That’s when he realized anything is possible. He began working on many other projects. 

From concept to screen, he writes, directs, edits, and choreographs each film.  Save Me is his second feature film, with 4 years in the making. It has won 18 awards and is still undergoing festival reviews. 


Lydia Keen, from Northern Michigan, is an actress and model. She is a web designer, and works behind the camera in cinematography, and photography. 

She has spent the last five years as a traveling model/ actress. Planning tours, and networking around the country, she sets out in her camper van to pursue her life of travel- now with her partner Christopher Jones. They have combined forces, and skills to create a powerful duo. 


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