Day 1: Filming for "Lucky Seven" Has Begun!

Wahoo! It was such an amazing first day of filming for our upcoming action/ thriller “Lucky Seven” over the weekend. We are working on this, along with our documentary project, “Follow the Art.” So thank you so much to our wonderful cast, our amazing food sponsor Paul Penning with The Big Hot Woody - North End Eatery for always supporting us, and to Tandem Ciders for the great product placement in our film!

We started this project to be able to talk about our filmmaking process as a team of two! We will be releasing this film in segments on our new Youtube channel, so people can see what we do, and how we work as a production duo. We hope it inspires others to follow their passions as well! (Coming Soon!)

So cheers to a successful weekend of filming, mixing fake blood, creating camp shirts, building sets, and saving the day. We are so excited for the next!

Today we film for “Follow the Art,” and on Friday we release our first youtube video then head downstate for the premiere of Carrie and Jess Save the Universe at the Celebration Cinema! Staying busy as can be so stay tuned! New Hero Pictures