How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?

There are so many ways you can help us out, or get involved!

  • Do you happen to have footage of Tom Woodruff? Old photos, art, stories, & more? Check out our latest blog post to join us on this treasure hunt!

  • Donation: If you'd like to donate, that is what keeps this project alive! We are dedicated regardless, but it really helps us out! You can visit our GoFundMe Page: or donate via Paypal:

  • Sponsorship Packages: You can purchase our Follow the Art Bundles! These include merchandise and producer packages! Click here to learn more

  • Food Sponsors: We are always looking for food, and location sponsors- reach out if you'd like to sponsor our film!

  • Sponsor a Meeting:

  • Share this Page: Other ways to contribute are by sharing your stories, or footage of Tom Woodruff, or just sharing our website and gofundme to get the word out there!


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