"Lucky Seven" is an action thriller about a group of friends who are unknowingly chosen and hunted by a serial killer. This is a project we have been thinking about for a long time now. We are calling it an action/thriller but it really includes all genres. In reality, it's a horror/action/thriller/romance/comedy- but that just doesn't sound all that snappy.

With the way the world is today, we just want to be able to give people a look inside of our process as a team of two. We are going to premiere parts of the film for a first viewing on Youtube so instead of waiting for the final copy, people get to join us on the journey.

Together we write, direct, shoot and edit our productions because our passion is acting. We develop our stories and ideas from continuously studying films and we feel that it would be helpful to filmmakers to know it's possible especially with an inside peek at how we do what we do.