Join us for our eighth episode of Chris&Lydia!

Join us for our eighth episode of Chris&Lydia!

In this episode, we are sharing the second scene of our action/thriller film, "Lucky Seven." If you are new to our channel, "Lucky Seven," is a feature that we are filming consecutively and releasing on Youtube to share our filmmaking process as a team of two. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below the video! We love to hear your input!

Thank you to our talented actors for an amazing performance! We are so happy with how it turned out, and we cannot wait to work with you again!

Jasmine Piper David Brown Tara Stoffel David Thomas Gary Chacon

Thank you to our composer- you are what brought this whole thing to life! Bruce Braden

Thank you to our newest musician "Kind of Violet" for your wonderful talent and friendship!

"I believe in my friends and their dreams." - Clark Kent

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