The Treasure Hunt! : We Need Video Footage, Great Stories, Look-Alikes, and Art!

We are calling on everyone for Video Footage, Great Stories, and Art!

Video& Photos: We are looking for video footage of Tom Woodruff, or old photos from his history. We are especially looking for video content from when he is teaching in schools!

Great Stories: Tom has had a knack for making friends almost everywhere. If you know him and have a story to share we would love to archive it!

Look-Alikes: We are also in the process of casting a "Tom Woodruff" look-alike to play his younger version in some recreated scenes. Do you know anyone who looks like a young Tom, and wants to act? Send them our email at

Long Lost Artwork: If you have photos of long-lost artwork by Tom Woodruff we'd love to see them! From stained glass to pen and ink sketches! He created several works when he was in Key West, but many of his sketchbooks, photographs, and portfolios went missing in Transit.

Contact Us: If you'd like to get involved in this treasure hunt please share your findings or stories at