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Christopher Jones, an award winning filmmaker and actor of El Paso,Texas, and Lydia Woodruff, photographer and producer from Northport, Michigan, have combined forces to start new filming projects in Traverse City, Michigan and surrounding areas. The first film project, Protect and Serve, is scheduled to begin shooting the first week of September.

A dedicated officer, and community hero is betrayed by his spouse, and goes to extremes to confront her with the truth. This action/drama is based on true events, and brings awareness to many of today's domestic and social issues. It is a moving story of deception and resolution.

This is the first of many films to be shot in the area, each of which will share and celebrate the filmmaking process, support local businesses, artists, and promote participating venues. We work to gain community involvement, and raise awareness on several related domestic and social issues, as mentioned above.

We are still in need of specific shooting locations, food sponsors, and funding to cover travel expenses, temporary housing for crew, and rental fees for equipment with sponsorship benefits in return! Please see our sponsorship page for more information. 


Acting Opportunities: We have cast a majority of the roles, pending a few supporting roles and featured extras. If you are interested in participating, acting experience or not, please feel free to reach out!

Donations are so very appreciated! It keeps us doing what we love, and every cent goes towards the filmmaking process! Your donations can be sent via GoFundMe, by Paypal to New Hero Pictures, or by Check to:


Lydia Woodruff

PO BOX 147 

Northport MI, 49670