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Overview: Currently in Pre-Production


Lydia Keen, filmmaker and photographer from Northern Michigan, and her partner Christopher Jones, an award-winning filmmaker, and actor from El Paso, Texas, have combined forces to create their first film together called “Protect and Serve.” It was filmed and edited over a span of three months. Both Chris and Lydia starred in the film and handled all of the behind-the-camera operations. 

This is the third film that Christopher Jones has completed. His 2020 film “Save Me” has won 18 film festival awards, and is still undergoing festival reviews.

Funding for “Protect and Serve” came mostly out of pocket with a portion coming from donations via GoFundMe, cash, and checks. They found a way to bring our movie to life with minimal funds. That being said, they are in pre-production for our next film project “22 Weeks”, and wish to work with a larger budget and additional equipment.

They are seeking funding to help produce this feature-length film which centers on domestic violence and abuse awareness. Your contribution would help them to create a moving story that showcases both perspectives, from the offender’s point of view to the victim’s.

 If you are interested in helping fund and/or sponsor, in return, you would receive perks from their sponsorship tiers seen here. These include anything from promotion on all media, print, and video, to commercial work and cameos in their films.  

Expected Filming Start Date: In pre-production

Expected Budget: $20,000 


Synopsis of 22 Weeks: 

22 Weeks is an upcoming action/drama that brings

awareness to domestic violence that features both

perspectives from the offender's point of view and

the victim’s. 

If you are interested in helping fund or sponsor a portion of

this project please contact Lydia or Chris at: 


Lydia Woodruff 

Email: Lydiakw55@gmail.com

Phone: 616-405-0722


Christopher Jones
Email: NewHeroPictures@yahoo.com

Phone: 915-996-8120
Web: NewHeroPictures.com


Information on our previous film, “Protect and Serve” completed and premiered in Jan 2022
Movie Trailer:
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About the Filmmakers:

Christopher Jones: 

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Lydia Woodruff: 

Lydia Woodruff grew up in the Grand Rapids area and moved to Northport, MI in 2012. She graduated from Northport Public School, and soon after began work on the road as a traveling freelance artist, doing photography, modeling gigs, and web design. 
In 2020, she converted her minivan into a camper with solar panels and all, touring coast to coast. Being a model, she quickly became fascinated with lighting and working behind the camera as well. That road naturally led her to the world of acting where she met her partner Christopher Jones who cast her for a small part in his previous films. The two of them kept in touch and from El Paso to Michigan they began to plan filming projects together. 
This is her second movie of 2021. In August Lydia's first lead role was as "Jess,"  in the film "Carrie and Jess Save the Universe," directed by Joshua Courtade and filmed in Grand Rapids, MI. "It's a 1980's sci-fi comedy that was in laughable contrast to the seriousness of "Protect and Serve." 

Christopher Jones was born and raised in El Paso, TX. From childhood on, Chris has been fascinated with movies and dreamed of becoming an actor and filmmaker. Starting with the family camcorder, and editing through his VCR, he put his first films together through trial and error. By studying his favorite movies, scenes, and actors, he has sought to learn all aspects of film, doing whatever it takes to make his dream a reality. 
In 2007, he completed his first feature film, "Where One Stands." This is when he realized anything is possible. He began working on additional projects from concept to screen. Chris writes, directs, edits, and choreographs each film. "Save Me," is his second feature film, with 4 years in the making. It has won 18 awards and is still undergoing festival reviews. 
In 2021, Chris met Lydia and began collaborating on their first project, "Protect and Serve".